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(519) 305-8585



85 Downie st.
Stratford, ON
N5A 1W8



kitchen open until 1am



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Call (519) 305-8585 or email us below!
Reservations suggested for parties of 6 or more.

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Brittany Holmes

boss lady | cocktail genius | owner

Brittany makes multitasking look easy. She is literally the cog in this machine that makes it go. If everything else fell apart Britt would still be here to shake a cocktail, log this as your zombie apocalypse destination for tasty beverages. This woman makes bartending look extra cool and makes the cocktails extra delicious.

When she isn’t working or generally organizing one of the properties of Ramshackle Industries, you will find Britt climbing silks and swinging around in the air with a surprising amount of upper body strength that should make you real nervous.

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Jessie Votary

general | RINGLEADER | owner

You might think that “general” is a typo but when you’re looking for a strong person to lead an army, Jessie is your woman in charge. She enjoys spending her time lately behind the bar at Okazu and getting her 17,000 steps per day delivering cocktails to happy guests - made happier by the cocktails, obviously! She encourages you to test our wide and varied range of beverages from $4 bar rail to $48 single malts.

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Ashley Gillis

Chef | super mom | pastry chef

This woman works like she isn’t raising a family and raises her 4 childrens like she doesn’t have a full time job. No one is sure how she balances everything but we are super thankful that she does. Creative, calm and eternally flexible we know that Ashley is the chef we have always dreamed of.

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Conor Scully


Conor has been spending some time lately away from the bar and we miss him a whole bunch. We are going to leave his picture right here though because, well, we can’t wait for him to come back and let’s be honest, he makes us all look prettier by being a part of the crew!

You can see Conor on stage performing for a variety of theatre companies, Most recently in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and shortly he will be out in the 1000 Islands being a superbly charming Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables.

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Myles Avigdor